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About Justin Zelhart

Justin Zelhart is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Champaign, IL who is eagerly anticipating the release of his first album entitled "How it Was".

10 years in the making, "How it Was" is exactly what its songs are about: how things were over the past decade of Zelhart's life. Drawing from past relationship experiences, hopes and dreams of the future, and literary interests, "How it Was" is an eclectic compilation of songs that show Justin's thoughts, feelings, and personality. "I hope people can relate to some piece of some song on the album", Zelhart says, "I tried to pour my heart into the songs, but if somebody only connects with just one line of the lyrics, I think my mission has been successful."

Zelhart plays a variety of instruments on his YouTube channel and the aforementioned upcoming album. Starting with percussion in grade school, and then quickly wanting to play something that carried the melody, he picked up the flute. In high school, the jazz band needed a bass player so Zelhart taught himself how to play the bass, which then got him into a heavy metal band. But there was always the urge to learn the guitar. "I tried playing on my dad's old acoustic that would never stay in tune", Zelhart says, "and I gained some proficiency with it at first. But after I purchased my first guitar (a blue Dean Exotica QSE) I took off." Other instruments in his arsenal include the ukulele, piano/keyboards, and some pretty mean sounding cardboard boxes.

Some of Justin's musical influences include, but are not limited to, Iron Maiden, Fear Factory, Caroline's Spine, Heather Nova, Darren Hayes, Ani Difranco, Brenda Weiler, Stuart Davis, Jonathan Coulton, Julia Nunes, Stephanie Stephenson, Our Lady Peace, Matthew Good, The Swell Season, and Pomplamoose.

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